Hi There!

Here are some support tools to help you move some of your customers to action.

1. You can always direct them to myfreechapter.com to read the first chapter. If they like that, they’ll probably like the rest of the book.

2. Feel free to encourage them to invite others to read the first chapter.

3. Everything I advocate works because it’s based not on opinion but on research, testing and application.

4. The 1% Solution for work and life is based on my initial research that covered three different Olympic Years.

5. I was also part of a team that delivered three executive development programs held at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. During each of those weeks, I had the opportunity to eat meals with, watch, interview and interact with Olympic Athletes and Coaches.

6. From those two sets of experiences, I extracted some core behavioral principles and converted them into actionable ideas that those of us who are not Olympians can use to be more successful in work and life.

7. The books could be used for employees or as a gift to potential or actual customers.

8. They could also be used as a way for associations to thank convention sponsors, thank convention committee members, encourage early convention registration, or thank board members and officers.

9. Orders of 500 books or more will have the option of having a free autographed book plate for each book. If they’d like their logo on the book plates, we can also work with them to make that happen. The books and the book plates will come from two different locations so they’ll have to be affixed to the first book page (which is blank). And because they’re essentially pressure sensitive labels, they’re fast and easy to affix.

10. Typically, the autograph reads something like this:

Go for the gold in everything you do!

11. If they’re thinking of using the books for sales meeting, company meeting, or an association convention, you might want to also see if they have a speaker scheduled. If they don’t, you might want to suggest they “consider the guy who wrote the book”. They can check me out at tomconnellan.com. If you make that recommendation, email karen@tomconnellan.com. Let Karen know the organization name, who you talked to, and the date of the conversation. If we book the speech directly, we’ll cut you a check for a 5% referral fee the day after the speech. The keynote presentation fee is typically between $10,000 and $15,000 depending on the length of the presentation and where in North America the meeting is. If they call a speaker’s bureau, then it’s out of our hand.

12. Here are a few of the actionable ideas they’ll pick up from the book.

  • Why trying to motivate yourself to get more done doesn’t work and what to do instead. (Pages 27-29)
  • What to do about the unseen force that sometimes holds you back. (Page 41)
  • How to use behavioral leverage – a tool that enables you to achieve extraordinary results from very small shifts in behavior – even shifts as small as 1%. (Page 48)
  • How to use a proven formula that will change your life in 30 days or less. (Chapter five)
  • How using the ABC’s of peak performance changes the way you look at almost everything and release a flood of motivation within 90 seconds. (Page 99.)
  • How to change your mood from down to up in less than 30 seconds. (Page 103)
  • How you can tap the easy-to-use performance cycle that separates the top one percent from the rest of the pack. (Page 114)

If they’d like to see a sample bookplate before they place an order, just have them email Karen@tomconnellan.com.