Turbulent Times Leadership

Now you can learn how

the very best sales managers

boost sales in virtually every

type of economic condition!

Research-based and tested in the crucible of the marketplace Turbulent Times Leadership for Sales Managers shows you how to boost sales in any economic condition. Tom’s research uncovered skill sets in which leaders of high performing sales reps are 22% more effective than leaders of low performing reps. This book lays out in a step-by-step fashion how to put those three skill sets to work.


Here are just a few of the things you’ll get your arms around from reading this book.

Who’s Rick and why does he matter to me? (Answer on page 1)

In a declining economy, what three steps bumped sales from 80% to 133% of target? (Answer on page 4)

What three things do winning sales managers do 22% better than losing sales managers? (Answer on the bottom of page 5)

Why do people who say “I’ll believe that when I see it” have it exactly backwards? (Answer on page 28)

How do savvy sales managers boost sales in 24 hours? (Answer on the bottom of pages 28 and 62)

How could your boss be stabbing you without you even knowing it? (Answer on pages 30-32)

What common feedback mistake do close to 87% of sales managers make? (Answer on page 51)

What easy-to-use tool caused an 18% increase in sales among commissioned sales reps? (Answer on page 60)

When it comes to increasing sales, what’s an even more powerful motivator than recognizing excellent performance? (Answer on page 61-62)

What are the five best steps to confront reps’ poor performance? (Answer on page 88)

What no-cost tool does research show is even more motivating than a performance-based bonus? (Answer on page 112)

How did a sales manager jump sales from 6 to 11.2 line items per order in just two weeks? (Answer on page 116)

With the tools taken from Tom’s consulting and coaching work with sales managers, Turbulent Times Leadership is written in the same straight-shooting style that led Selling Power magazine identify Tom as one of seven “tough talking and truth telling” keynote speakers. You’ll find this book to be a great help in keeping sales reps involved, engaged, and fully committed. Shameless overpromising?   Not at all, because like everything Tom does, it’s based not upon opinion but upon research, testing, and application.

Tom’s consulting and coaching clients who have applied the three skill sets have produce results such as:

  • Increasing average line items per order from 6 to 11.2 on the inside order desk.
  • Increasing sales of higher margin products.
  • Increasing sales on a unit basis by 15% while maintaining same average gross margin.
  • Increaseing sales on targeted lines by 200%.
  • Increasing call frequency and account penetration of difficult-to-see but higher potential prospects.
  • Increasing closing ratio of prospects.
  • Reducing credits as a percent of sales from .86% to .74% (Net annualized savings of $176,000).
  • Reducing ramp-up time for new products and new reps by an average of 19%.
  • Improving teamwork between sales and other support and/or related functions such as service, manufacturing, warehouse, and shipping.

To get a handle on the tool kit they used, read your free chapter here: http://www.freado.com/book/10801/turbulent-times-leadership-for-sales-managers.